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Hyperhydrosis Treatment

Hyperhydrosis Treatment in Heswall, Wirral

At Sarah White Laser & Aesthetics, we understand that excessive sweating, or hyperhidrosis, can be more than just a minor inconvenience – it can impact your confidence and quality of life.

That’s why we’re proud to offer a specialised solution that goes beyond traditional anti-wrinkle injections. Our Hyperhidrosis Treatment with Anti-Wrinkle Injections is your key to unlocking newfound comfort and self-assurance. With the gentle touch of our experienced professionals, you can regain control and bid farewell to the discomfort of overactive sweat glands. Join us on a journey to dry, confident days, and experience the transformative power of our advanced hyperhidrosis treatment.

What is Hyperhydrosis and how can you treat it?

Hyperhidrosis is the medical term for excessive sweating from any part of the body.

It can cause immense distress in social interaction, affect daily life and cause embarrassment. If there is no obvious cause it is thought that hyperhidrosis is the result of a problem with the sympathetic nervous system and the signals to the glands on the skin.

Triggers that can stimulate excessive sweating include exercise, alcohol, caffeine, smoking, spicy food and stress.

Botox® is FDA-approved for temporarily controlling hyperhidrosis. It is injected into sweat glands to block the nerves that cause sweating. This safe procedure is proven to give dramatic and life-changing results for many who suffer from this condition.


How many treatments do I need for Hyperhydrosis?

We apply numbing cream to the area to make it as comfortable as possible for you and It is injected carefully into the skin, This treatment takes roughly 30 – 45 minutes. The typical person can expect results that last six to nine months.

Are there any side effects of Hyperhydrosis Treatment?

Minor side effects that are commonly experienced with anti-wrinkle injections are redness and swelling at the treatment site, which usually subsides within an hour of treatment and bruising can also occur. This will be explained to you during the pre-treatment consultation, along with any other potential side effects that can occur.

Is there any downtime for Hyperhydrosis Treatment?

The treatment takes around 30 minutes depending on the area to treat.

You will be able to return to work immediately if you wish but may have mild redness and slight bruising at the injection sites.

What areas can be treated for Hyperhydrosis?

The most common area to treat are the armpits however we can treat other areas such as the forehead and scalp.

How soon will I see my results from Hyperhydrosis Treatment?

The effect starts to work in about 2-5 days, with the greatest effect being seen after about 2 weeks when we will review your treatment and if a top-up or adjustment is required we will do this free of charge for you to ensure that you are happy with the outcome.

Pre Treatment Instructions

Prior to any treatment, you will have a thorough consultation, you need to disclose if you are suffering from any illness and taking any related medication, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. 

Aftercare for Hyperhydrosis Treatment

Typically there is very little downtime with botulinum toxin and you will be given relevant aftercare instructions before you leave. 
  • You will need to avoid touching the treated areas for up to 4 hours, post-procedure.
  • For up to 24 hours you should avoid strenuous activity and heat. 

We would like you to return to the clinic in 2 weeks for a follow-up assessment appointment, especially after your first treatment. This will ensure we are able to see how your facial muscles react to your treatment. If you require additional botulinum toxin to fine-tune/adjust your treatment results there will be no additional charge.

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