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Endymed Tighten in Heswall, Wirral

Welcome to Sarah White Laser & Aesthetics, where we invite you to experience the magic of Endymed Tighten, a cutting-edge treatment that redefines skin tightening and rejuvenation.

Located in the heart of Heswall, Wirral, Merseyside, our clinic is dedicated to helping you achieve a firmer, more youthful complexion with precision and expertise. Endymed Tighten is the gold standard in non-invasive skin tightening, using advanced radiofrequency technology to stimulate collagen production and restore your skin’s natural elasticity. Our team of skilled professionals is committed to helping you achieve a rejuvenated and revitalised appearance. Whether you’re seeking to address sagging skin on your face, neck, or body, Endymed Tighten offers a safe and effective solution. Join us on a journey to rediscover the beauty of tighter, more youthful-looking skin with Endymed Tighten. 

EndyMed UK Before and after at Sarah White Aesthetics in Heswall, Wirral

What is Endymed Tighten and how does it work?

ENDYMED TIGHTEN is an advanced radiofrequency treatment for firmer, tighter skin with more definition and luminosity.

An ENDYMED TIGHTEN treatment is tailored to you and your skin using specialist handpieces to target specific areas of concern such as on the cheeks, neck, jawline and around the eye area for the ultimate ‘non-surgical facelift’.

ENDYMED TIGHTEN provides powerful 3DEEP radiofrequency collagen remodelling and rebuilding, by creating controlled, therapeutic heat deep within the skin. This stimulates your skin’s natural rejuvenation power, boosting collagen and improving the skin’s underlying structure.


How many treatments of Endymed Tighten do I need?

We recommend a course of 6 treatments; one a week for the first 4 and the last 2 two weeks apart. As the ageing process is still continuing and along with lifestyle we recommend a top-up treatment at 3 months.

Are there any side effects of Endymed Tighten?

There are no side effects just a slight flushing that usually lasts an hour.

Is there any downtime for Endymed Tighten?

There maybe a slight flushing immediately after treatment that usually goes within an hour and you can resume your usual activities and wear make up straight away.

What areas can be treated with Endymed Tighten?

All skin types and colours can be treated to lift and tighten lax sagging face, neck and jowls.

How soon will I see my results from Endymed Tighten?

You’ll see an immediate lift and an instant radiant glow after your first treatment with improvements throughout your treatment course. Optimum results will be seen 3 months after your treatment course once the new collagen has been produced.

Endymed Skin Tightening Neck at Sarah White Aesthetics in Heswall, Wirral, Merseyside

Pre Treatment & Aftercare Instructions

No special pre or post care is required for ENDYMED TIGHTEN treatments. We just recommend to avoid direct sun exposure and extreme heat for 12 hours before and after.

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