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Teeth Whitening

We at Sarah White Laser & Aesthetics understand the holistic approach to healthcare and provide consultations for both Intraoral and Extraoral health which includes dietry advice, hygiene instruction and advice for keeping your smile healthy inside and out.

Cosmetic Teeth Whitening at Sarah White Laser & Aesthetics is carried out by our qualified Dr Jenny Claus BDS Dentist in a safe and guided manner, achieving outstanding results in a matter of weeks. Our smile enhancement treatment includes custom made home whitening trays using, which releases oxygen into the teeth helping lighten your current tooth colour.

The system that we use is both flexible and simple; providing you with a tailor made kit and smile enhancing gel which can be applied at home, allowing you to take back control of time and lifestyle. All of our Cosmetic Tooth Whitening procedures are provided with a thorough free of charge consultation, allowing you to feel confident in your treatment and results.