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Our story

Rooted in Purpose, Flourishing in Care

Our values

Patient-Centric Approach

At the heart of our clinic is a deep-rooted commitment to our patients. We prioritize their comfort, needs, and aspirations, ensuring they feel valued and understood at every step.

Continuous Growth

The world of aesthetics is ever-evolving, and so are we. Continuous training, learning, and adaptation keep us at the forefront, ensuring our patients receive the most advanced treatments available.

Medical Excellence

Combining years of medical expertise with state-of-the-art technology, we provide treatments that are not only effective but also safe. Our medically-led team is dedicated to upholding the highest standards in aesthetic care.

Integrity & Honesty

Transparency is our hallmark. We believe in open communication, providing our patients with all the necessary information and setting realistic expectations.

Sarah White - Sarah White Laser & Aesthetics

Sarah White

Director & Independent Nurse Prescriber

I’m Sarah and I have been working in the aesthetics industry now for 20 years.  I have loved experiencing the branching out of my business into a variety of different treatments; we can now offer a holistic range that can complement one another to achieve clients’ personal goals. I am passionate how skincare and aesthetics can combine and complement each other, and it has been my goal to demonstrate this to my clients. 

Claire - Sarah White Aesthetics


Clinic Manager

I’m Claire, I have been working with Sarah for 14 years now, operating behind the scenes to maintain the functioning of the clinic! 

My favourite part about my job is the opportunity to meet new people, from new clients to reps across the country; no two days are the same!

Nicole - Sarah White Aesthetics



I’m Nicole and I have been working here for 6 years now!  I have been on maternity leave but I am so excited to get back working with the girls. 

We truly are an amazing place to work, everyone is so lovely and we really do look after each other!

Rachel - Sarah White Aesthetics


Advanced Aesthetician

I’m Rachel and I have been working at Sarah White’s for 3 years, but have a long history in the industry.  My favourite part about working here is the range of clients I get to meet; I love to give them the best possible service so that they leave feeling refreshed and confident!  My favourite treatments to do are either Ultherapy or CoolSculpting and I love using our fabulous M22 machine for Skin Rejuvenation treatments!

Evelyn - Sarah White Aesthetics


Advanced Aesthetician

I’m Evelyn and I first came to Sarah White’s 3 years ago, but have nearly 30 years of experience in the industry.  My favourite treatment to do is the HydraFacial!  We have two machines at the clinic and they are our most popular facial.  I love helping clients make simple changes to their skincare routine and direct them on the right path so that they feel beautiful!

Dee:Dimitra - Sarah White Aesthetics



I’m Dee and I am relatively new to Sarah White’s, but it doesn’t feel like it. Both my colleagues and clients have welcomed me warmly and it feels as though I have been here for ages!  I love teaching clients about new products and keeping an eye on trends on social media!  There is so much to learn about this industry which is so dynamic, but at Sarah White’s we are ahead of the curve!

Lisa - Sarah White Aesthetics



I’m Lisa and I have been working at Sarah White’s for 4 years. 

My role is to ensure that our clients receive the best service outside of their treatments – I am particularly fond of our client records which I keep in pristine order!


Advanced Aesthetician

I’m Gemma, a mum of two beautiful children and long standing member of the Sarah White team.

I am highly skilled with valuable knowledge and have a huge passion in skin health and getting the best results for problematic skin – pigmentation and acne are my favourites!  I love nothing more than seeing clients transform and their confidence build.


Advanced Aesthetician

Hi I am Beth, I am a registered general nurse with over 10 years experience within the NHS as a children’s specialist nurse and health visitor. I have gained my nurse prescribers and been in aesthetics for over 5 years now which is where my passion lies.

I am highly trained and skilled and love working out combination treatments to get natural looking results as fresh faced clients are the happiest! My expertise lies with dermal fillers, anti wrinkle injections, PRP and Ultherapy.

Our happy patients


“To me, beauty is a harmonious symphony of confidence, well-being, and self-assuredness.”

“In the world of aesthetics, beauty goes beyond the surface. It’s a blend of confidence, well-being, and self-assuredness. Every patient brings a unique story, and my mission is to listen, understand, and tailor treatments that highlight their natural beauty while cherishing their individuality.

At the heart of our clinic is a commitment to medical excellence. But it’s the trust our patients place in us and the relationships we nurture that truly define our approach. For me, aesthetics is more than just a treatment; it’s a shared journey towards renewed spirit and happiness.”

Sarah White

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