Freezing away fat cells with CoolSculpting®

Whether you’re looking to enhance your body shape, get rid of stubborn fat, or just look and feel comfortable in your clothes again, CoolSculpting could be the answer.

What is CoolSculpting®?

CoolSculpting is the leading non-invasive fat reduction treatment.  It is a scientifically proven way to contour your body by freezing unwanted fat.  With more than 11 million CoolSculpting treatments performed worldwide, people everywhere are getting a different view of themselves.

Many of us have stubborn fat despite diet and exercise.  CoolSculpting® technology uses controlled cooling to target and destroy only these fat cells.  In the weeks that follow, your body naturally processes the fat and eliminates dead cells so treated fat cells are gone for good.

How it works

The CoolSculpting® procedure delivers precisely controlled cooling to target the fat cells underneath the skin.  Treated fat cells are crystallised (frozen), destroyed, and then over time your body naturally processes the fat and eliminates these dead cells.  The result?  A more sculpted you.

Fat elimination after the CoolSculpting® procedure

Fat cells that are frozen during the CoolSculpting® procedure are gradually destroyed and leave the body through the body’s natural elimination process.  Untreated areas will have no change in fat cell distribution.

During your first visit we will take the time to discus a holistic approach to your goals for reshaping your body.   Together we will look at your whole body from different angles and then focus on specific areas where you want to eliminate fat.

For some people, a customised treatment plan may include more than one CoolSculpting® treatment.  For example, you may want to freeze away fat from your inner and/or outer thigh, and then get rid of those stubborn “love handles” or “saddle bags”.  We will provide a clinical recommendation on which areas could be treated and how many treatments you may need so you get treatment where you want it that can help you meet your body goals.

Science and technology combined

After years of research you can feel confident that the CoolSculpting procedure is based on scientific evidence.  Clinical research evaluating the efficacy and safety of CoolSculpting has produced 120 publications on the subject.

When will I see results?
Generally the skin will begin to feel smoother and tighter even after the first treatment, but the results from the treatment will continue to improve for up to six months. The results are variable, depending on the original quality of the skin and degree of damage to be treated

How many treatments will I need?

While a number of patients see results after one treatment, most patients need two CoolSculpting treatments to see the change they hope to achieve in a treated area. In some cases, more than two treatments may be recommended. Keep in mind that CoolSculpting is most effective for patients who are within 20 pounds of their ideal body weight.

After 2-3 procedures, a patient can dramatically improve their physical appearance. In theory, there is no limit to how many procedures a patient can undergo. The procedure is safe and promotes a natural bodily response to fat destruction.

Each treatment will be performed several months apart, to give the body enough time to react naturally, and dispose of the fat cells organically. Typically it is best to wait a minimum of 30 days before starting a new session of CoolSculpting, with 4 months being ideal. It is best to ensure you’re healthy before every treatment session and if you’ve had previous treatments, wait before you treat the area again to ensure all possible side effects have diminished.

What aftercare routine should I follow?

A massage right after the treatment improves the effects of CoolSculpting. It helps break down frozen fat and encourages the lymphatic system to flush out the dead fat cells. For best results, continue to massage the treated area a few times a day for several days after a CoolSculpting treatment to promote the body’s waste removal process. We will instruct you how to do it properly.

Apply a warm compress to the treated area to reduce pain and cramping after CoolSculpting. It will stimulate blood flow and circulation and help ease the discomfort.

If you experience discomfort or any pain after treatment, a compression garment around the treated area may alleviate these side effects. The tight-fitting garment promotes improved lymphatic and blood flow, speeding up the recovery after CoolSculpting.

When it comes to CoolSculpting, a high water intake helps speed up the process of flushing out dead fat cells.

Avoid foods that contribute to weight gain like sugars, carbs, fried, and processed foods. The bulk of your diet should include vegetables, whole grains, fruits, and lean protein. If you gain weight, the remaining fat cells in your targeted treated area will increase, negating the treatment results.

Alcohol may increase the chances of bruising. We advise patients to avoid alcoholic beverages one week before and one week after the procedure.

CoolSculpting patients typically experience discomfort rather than pain. However, if your pain threshold is below average, ask your medical provider to recommend a safe painkiller based on your medical records. 

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