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Welcome to Sarah White Laser and Aesthetics Wirral

The skin is an organ in itself, understanding the structure and function of this vitally important organ is the first step to finding an anti-aging solution.

With age wrinkles appear, the skin loses its elasticity, becomes thinner, drier and paler and pores may begin to increase in size. Smoking and drinking, excessive sun exposure and stress can all speed up the biological clock and aesthetic and corrective dermatology can not turn back time but they can restore skin hydro-balance and improve the skin structure and elasticity, as well as fill out wrinkles, folds and restore facial volume.

Today people can affect their appearance more than ever and the ideal of beauty is being broadened. Few people expect a “miracle’. Instead they want subtle, elegant results that make their appearance much better matched to how they feel or the phase of life that they are in. Out of this grows aesthetic and corrective solutions.

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